It seems to be a true paradise, and it is a stunning adventure for everybody who experiences his first safari in one of Africa’s national parks. The foreigners’ focus is mainly on the „Big Five“. Will they be found? Will they be seen? Buffalo, Elefant, Rhino, Lion and even Leopard...? The mission is incomplete and the safari disappointing if  one of them does not show up. But the desire called „Big Five“ originates in the big game hunters’ perception that these five animals are the most dangerous and most attractive – as they were extremely difficult to hunt. Modern tourists, however,  are usually far away from being hunters; on the contrary most of them would call themselves animal welfarists.

But while buffalos and elefants (even if poaching is a devastating problem) are still high in numbers, some subspecies of Rhino are already lost – and others highly endangered. The northern white rhino, with only three individuals left, is at the brink of extinction. Also the number of leopards is decreasing, and in some African countries there are no more lions to be found. There is a quiet extinction going on directly in front of our eyes.

With stunning pictures from air and ground this film explores the most exciting landscapes of Kenya and its wildlife. It shows that not only losing one of the „Big Five“ would cause a sobering loss. Kenya’s wildlife blooms due to its rich diversity. But it is an unstable diversity which could also brush away other iconic animals like the Grevy’s zebras or the wild dogs in short term.