Hudson River Wild

At first glance, the Hudson appears to be just another industrial river. Tree-lined riverbanks are interspersed between cultivated land, bridges, shipping docks, private homes and marinas, factories, chemical plants and brickyards. But go a little deeper and you begin to see sandbars, marshes, waterfalls, lakes and surging rapids. The Adirondacks. The Catskills. Thousands of acres of untamed habitat transform and amaze us with each changing season. It is arguably one of America’s greatest secrets and untold stories. The majestic bald eagle, symbol of the United States, becomes our guide and cinematic touchstone. We will follow the eagle, from courtship to parenting, while moving down the river towards the Atlantic exploring the richly diverse and changing habitats and the profound beauty and challenges to wildlife that come with the changing seasons.

Produced by SKYLAND Productions and RANFILM for ORF, Smithsonian Channel and ARTE in association with ORF Enterprise

1 x 52 Min. / Available: 2021